Why you should use Bitcoins and Easbit Mobile Wallet App

Why you should use Bitcoins and Easbit Mobile Wallet App

Why you should use Bitcoins and Easbit Mobile Wallet App; Bitcoin and the Easbit are used for many reasons. Here’s how you can benefit of Easbit and the Bitcoin.

Why you should use Bitcoins and Easbit Mobile Wallet App

Peer-to-Peer totally free in 2016

When you send bitcoins to someone else, there is no required involvement from a payment processor. This means the fee for each transaction is very small to almost zero. If you use the Easbit wallet to send Bitcoins we pay the fees for you to ensure that your payment is confirmed as fast as possible. We at Easbit charge no fees for all transactions in 2016. Being peer to peer also means that there’s no central entity controlling the network. There’s no need to trust or receive permission from any specific person or organization to participate in the Bitcoin network. For this reason, Bitcoin is global and resilient to problems that have plagued traditional currencies. We at Easbit have no storage of your Bitcoins so you can be your own Bank.

The real question here is: Do you still trust your Bank?

Effortless online payments

In many cases, using bitcoin is the easiest and quickest way to make a payment on the internet. Since bitcoin is like electronic cash, most purchases take place online. It’s also possible to send and receive bitcoin in person at retail shops, or anywhere else where bitcoin is accepted.

Better, faster, cheaper

In some way, paying with bitcoin is similar to sending an email, except that instead of sending a message to an email address, you’re sending an amount of money to a Bitcoin address.

Everybody can use it no personal information needed

One of the nice things about paying with bitcoin is that you don’t need to give up as much personal information. Actually if you really want you don’t have to give no personal information at all. When you pay receiving the Bitcoin address of the seller is enough to complete the transaction. The other way around is just giving your Bitcoin address enough to let somebody paying you.

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Try it now the Easbit experience, it’s free!

The best way to see how it really works is just to try it yourself. The Easbit mobile bitcoin wallet app for Android is totally free to download.

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