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Smart contract blockchain technology

Smart contract blockchain technology Smart contract blockchain technology; Smart contracts can be best described as programmed money. But what are the real benefits of programming money? And how can it help us? Today we show how smart contracts will change the way we buy and sell around the world. Benefits of programmed money The good Read more about Smart contract blockchain technology[…]

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Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry

Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry; Did you know that blockchain can even change the world of sneakers? In the world of fashion, as we all know, a lot of fake is on the market out there. Today we will show you how bitcoin can change the market for fashion. Real Read more about Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry[…]

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Blockchain transparent voting system

Blockchain transparent voting system Blockchain transparent voting system; The world is watching the most famous election in the world: the president of the United States. The transparency of the bitcoin can also chance the way we vote forever. Voting based on blockchain transparency is the real and ultimate democracy. This is how it works. Bitcoin Read more about Blockchain transparent voting system[…]

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Blockchain disrupt

Blockchain disrupt Blockchain disrupt; The blockchain is getting a lot of attention lately. Companies from all industries are really interested in how they can use the blockchain technology. But why is the blockchain getting more attention than ever? Here are the most recent developments. Investments One of the major indicators of how you can see Read more about Blockchain disrupt[…]

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Blockchain matters

Blockchain matters Blockchain matters; The real power of the blockchain is not discovered yet. It’s getting today the attention of large companies. And this is for a reason. Blockchain is an unbreakable ledger which can contain any kind of information. This is why blockchain is so important. Blockchain bigger than internet Internet has changed the Read more about Blockchain matters[…]

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Easbit blockchain

Easbit blockchain Easbit blockchain; Everyone is talking about blockchain, the new technology in and beyond the FinTech Industry. Because of blockchain we get all of a sudden possibilities which we have never seen before. This is how Easbit and the blockchain will change the way we pay for ever. Future of payments A great thing of Read more about Easbit blockchain[…]

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Blockchain lures big investment

Blockchain lures big investment Silicon Valley is placing big bets on Bitcoin, even though there are concerns over the crypto currency’s staying power, venture capitalists are not shying away from investing in Bitcoin startups. The latest of these, Blockchain, which is a Bitcoin wallet provider and software developer has raised close to $30.5 million in Read more about Blockchain lures big investment[…]