Lily Allen turned down lifetime opportunity

Lily Allen turned down lifetime opportunity

Sometimes it takes a while before you see the real benefit. This became the unfortunate reality for most successful English singer and songwriter Lily Allen. She was asked to live stream a concert early 2009. She was offered 100s of thousands of Bitcoins worth a few 100 pound at that time, but she refused. Not a wise decision she discovered later on.

lily allen regrets refusing live stream concert bitcoin

Missing the big opportunity

What Lily Allen didn’t know is that she has just turned down probably the best offer of her life. In January 2014 she figured out at today’s value the offer is worth about a 100 million euros. This witihin a time frame in less than 4 years. She hashtagged herself on Twitter an idiot for refusing this amazing offer.

Lily Allen turned down lifetime opportunity

Apart from the at first hand seeming low offer for the live stream concert it would be an easy job for her anyway. She was asked to do basically a mini concert at 3D chat website Second Life. She could have done it by just sitting in front of her laptop and not leaving her home. This alone would make her 5 million+ followers on Twitter really go crazy.

A different world today

Bitcoin is getting today more and more mainstream. And that’s not by coincidence. People are aware of it and see every day more the real benefits of the virtual currency. It is cheaper and faster than any other currency in the world. And if you’re using also the right wallet like the Easbit mobile Bitcoin wallet it’s even saver than using cash money.

More than 30% of the people aged from 15 to 35 even think they won’t need a “normal” bank account anymore within 5 years from now. The world around is changing and definitely the way we pay. Make sure that you’re also prepared.

Getting Bitcoin in minutes

The best way to discover what Bitcoin can do for you is to experience it yourself. See for yourself how easy it is to get some Bitcoin in minutes. Watch the promo video of Easbit changing cash into Bitcoins. Do you have already Bitcoins? And you would like them to turn them into cash again? No problem, this is also possible at most BTMs (Bitcoin ATM).

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