Easbit Investment Partnership Proposal Take Over

Easbit Investment Partnership Proposal Take Over

collaboration, bitcoin payments, mobile, wallet, google , bank account, proposal

We are looking for collaboration with online businesses that use online payments. And see the extra possibilities with bitcoin payments and bitcoin wallet.

Easbit has developed mobile Bitcoin wallet app for Android in the Google Play Store.

collaboration, bitcoin payments, mobile, wallet, google , bank account, proposal

Our Mission: The Easbit mobile bitcoin wallet is there to make it easy and accessible to everybody to do online payments with bitcoin. By providing a mobile bitcoin wallet that’s easy to use and secure, so everybody can participate in fast and cheap (international) online (payment) transactions. Helping the people who are unbanked with giving them access to transactions. They don’t need a bank account to use the Easbit mobile bitcoin wallet. People can be their own bank. And for businesses this is an extra opportunity.

Our business model is a fee per transaction.


Mobile Easbit Bitcoin Wallet for Android

Easbit has a very Easy to use and secured mobile Bitcoin wallet that can be a perfect service for the right partner to further expand and develop.

With Bitcoins users can very easily and safe make global transactions. And this all against very low fees.

What is Easbit

Easbit is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that has an LTD in Iceland. Our legal entity is fully prepared to easily partner up with third parties or for take-overs. In other words the fundamentals are well arranged and official.

We host in Iceland our own server. Easbit is a very safe mobile Bitcoin wallet because we do NOT store the Bitcoins on our server. They are stored on the users phone with of course an easy backup feature.

Interested in collaborating with or taking over Easbit? See here our Easbit proposal for more detailed information. Or contact us directly at info@easbit.com.


collaboration, online payments, bitcoin wallet, google , bank account, proposal

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