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Easbit blockchain - Easbit | The Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Application

Easbit blockchain

Easbit blockchain

Easbit blockchain; Everyone is talking about blockchain, the new technology in and beyond the FinTech Industry. Because of blockchain we get all of a sudden possibilities which we have never seen before. This is how Easbit and the blockchain will change the way we pay for ever.

Easbit blockchain

Future of payments

A great thing of technology is we buy stuff from stores which are not around the corner anymore. We buy the best product for the best price. Especially for this situation the blockchain offers the perfect solution for all buyers and businesses around the world.

The problem until now is businesses deal with costly, slow, and unreliable transactions. They also serve markets with underdeveloped payment systems or large numbers of unbanked customers.

Easbit blockchain

So what can you do with it?

Easbit wants to accomplish that customers and businesses can buy and sell to each other without knowing who you are and where you are. But we go further than that.

Smart payments

You can add basically any information to a blockchain payment. This means you can give a payment any condition you like. This is what we call a smart payment or smart contract.

Let’s give us a real life example. You buy that special table you’ve always wanted from an online store on the other side of the world. You only want to pay them IF they really deliver AND if they deliver before the given date from the shop.

Guarantees for seller and buyer

When the table is ordered online the seller can see the payment is done, but he gets paid once it’s delivered. And the buyers is sure when the table store not delivers before the agreed date the amount is instantly returned to the sender without calling any helpdesk. It’s good to know that you cannot only add these conditions, but any condition.

This is just one example. There are a lot of situations where you as a customer or business want to pay under certain conditions. But the conditions can differ from situation to situation.  A contract can be set for each transaction. And these conditions are directly made between the seller and buyer. This will be very common in the near future of payments.

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Try it now the Easbit experience, it’s free!

The best way to see how it really works is just to try it yourself. The Easbit mobile bitcoin wallet app for Android is totally free to download.

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