Buy bitcoin voucher shop everywhere

Buy bitcoin voucher shop everywhere

Buy bitcoin voucher shop everywhere; It is often asked what can I buy with bitcoin? Well pretty much everything. With bitcoin voucher you can basically exchange your bitcoins for everything which you can buy online. And that’s a lot. So there is no excuse anymore to not buy it with bitcoins. Here is how.

Buy bitcoin voucher shop everywhere

It’s simple and fast

For the most vouchers you only have to scan a QR-code to redeem the ordered or received bitcoins to your wallet. You only have to scan the QR-code with the Easbit app to instantly put the bitcoins on your wallet. It’s a matter of seconds.

Advantage of a bitcoin voucher

You being the customer has the advantage to choose the right moment to change your voucher into bitcoins. Say you’ve bought a voucher of 10 Euro. You can exchange it into bitcoins any time you like. So when you think the price is low you can claim your bitcoins and buy something when you think the price is higher. Using this way you can upgrade your own buying power. But of course you can also do it without speculating.

Shopping at your choice

Shopping anywhere? Yes, everywhere. This is the trick. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy gift cards with bitcoins. Once you have used your bitcoin voucher you’re ready to buy a gift card of your choice. And you can buy something with the ordered gift card.

Buy bitcoin voucher shop everywhere

The ultimate present

By giving somebody a bitcoin gift card instead of a normal gift card the person can buy really what he or she wants. Another good thing is it NEVER expires. So you never end up with worthless gift cards which you forgot to use.

It even can be used to save shipping costs. For example you have a faraway friend on the other side of the world. And you want to send him or her a heavy gift. It can be cheaper to buy it themselves than sending it over. This because they can buy it at a store which is closer to them. And this saves money!

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Try it now the Easbit experience, it’s free!

The best way to see how it really works is just to try it yourself. The Easbit mobile bitcoin wallet app for Android is totally free to download.

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