Blockchain transparent voting system

Blockchain transparent voting system

Blockchain transparent voting system; The world is watching the most famous election in the world: the president of the United States. The transparency of the bitcoin can also chance the way we vote forever. Voting based on blockchain transparency is the real and ultimate democracy. This is how it works.

Blockchain transparent voting system

Bitcoin and voting

You might ask yourself what on earth has bitcoin to do with voting? The currency itself nothing. But replace the coin with a vote. By replacing it you have almost instantly the most transparent voting system in existence.

What has blockchain to offer?

Blockchain technology is mostly seen as a solution for the financial industry. But governments can benefit too from the technology. This is again proof that the technology can chance many things the way we do now.

Voting within a democracy is based on thrust. You have to thrust the government that they count honestly all the votes. This is mostly done by an independent commission. There a numerous examples of manipulating elections worldwide.

Faster and real time polls

Besides transparency, blockchain can generate almost next to real time polls. Waiting till midnight for the most recent poll is just history with blockchain technology.

It should not be that hard to build a robust voting system against very low costs. If you compare it to traditional voting systems the costs will be a lot lower.

Living example

The first real blockchain election might be closer than you think. Take for example countries like Estonia, United Kingdom and Finland. They are considering and exploring the possibilities how they can use blockchain to make voting faster and above all transparent.

Blockchain transparent voting system

Simplicity works

Bitcoin in its core has some simple features. It’s fast, cheap and transparent. Because of these features it can work for many industries including governments to work extremely transparent and against very low costs.

Transparency is in this case the unique selling point. Once properly established there is no way the results of an election can be manipulated. For the first time voting has never been more fair than with blockchain technology. E-voting will soon rise.

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