Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry

Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry

Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry; Did you know that blockchain can even change the world of sneakers? In the world of fashion, as we all know, a lot of fake is on the market out there. Today we will show you how bitcoin can change the market for fashion.

Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry

Real authentic shoes

Copies these days are so good it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. What if there would be something that tells you this is really authentic? It can be done with bitcoins technology the blockchain. Every piece can have a printed number. See it as the same with a chassis identification number for cars. Every shoe can contain a unique number from the brand that identifies the shoe as authentic.

Changing fashion

This is of course not limited to sneakers. It can be used to for every brand and every imaginable piece of fashion. Because of this technology it’s fairly simple to very easily distinguish the copies from the real ones. So for customers it’s really easy to for example check the chassis identification number at the brands original website.

If the number is not listed on their website it’s simply fake. This method will help brands to stop losing money, because their products are copied and sold as real ones.

Blockchain helps disrupting fashion industry

Real collectibles

This could be specifically be important for collectable sneakers. They are often a bit more pricy, so you want to make sure they’re real. Plus you as a collector don’t want any fake items in your collections, right?

What’s real and what’s not

Before the blockchain technology was born it was next to impossible to say what’s real and not. So it gives the fashion industry possibilities which we did not have before. But it goes further than this. Normally you would need an authentic certificate which can be costly and very easy to fake. The blockchain technology makes it not only very cheap but also airtight. You can even add a picture of the shoe for example in the blockchain to make it easier for people to check that they have a real one.

Whatever happens we will see in the near future that blockchain will change the way we look at fashion.

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