Bitcoin perfect safe haven Brexit UK

Bitcoin perfect safe haven Brexit UK

Bitcoin perfect safe haven Brexit UK; After the outcome of the referendum is clear and the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union there is a lot of uncertainty. Will people lose their jobs and is the British economy strong enough to withstand this decision? Many currencies are losing value, but not all of them. And Bitcoin is one of them. As the British pound is losing value the Bitcoin has proven itself again and gained value and more users.

Bitcoin perfect safe haven Brexit UK

Better than gold

Since the Brexit the instability has grown of what used to be stable a region the European Union. Nobody really knows how it will affect in the long term and if other countries will follow. The big question is: What will happen with the free trading zone? We have already seen that the latest developments are seen by the financial markets as a threat. Besides this it’s today almost impossible to make a profit on any regular stock, bond or saving account. No wonder people are now looking for alternatives. And it looks like Bitcoin is becoming the new digital gold. Even when you own stocks in gold you don’t have them physically in your own hands. This means when you go to your bank and you ask to pay out your stocks in gold it will be very likely they won’t have it. With bitcoin you are your own bank and you are in full control. That makes it a total new ball game for a lot of people.
Bitcoin perferct safe haven Brexit UK

Simple works

Bitcoin perfect safe haven Brexit UK. One of the biggest advantages today of the Bitcoin is that it is not politically affected in any way like a dollar or euro. Everybody can accept it and use regardless who you are and where you from. The other advantage is you can spend it directly on goods all over the world. It’s a lot hard to shop with a bar of gold. With these features together it is a serious alternative to pay internationally and make a profit on your savings. As the unstable areas in the world are growing the Bitcoin offers more and more stability these days.

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